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Zeelandiensk Nyhets Telegrambyrå Tyrshavn
Denton Canton, Zealandia

1277354_412426898863103_1699490516_oThe Royal Court of Zealandia, the Court of St. George, has announced this afternoon that Tala Tiptree, former Prime Minister, and Daniel Sjø-Otter (former Minister and member of the Riksdag) have been dismissed and striped of all honours by King Haakon. A spokesman for the monarch has also announced that the citizen status of the two politicians has been revoked.

In an announcement released this morning (late evening in Zealandia), King Haakon has justified the decision by claiming the position of the former Prime Minister had become “untenable”, following pronounced and increased differences between him and the Head of Government, most importantly, “her constitutional duties and opinions between the crown authorities”. It is expected that the ZApLI Technical Secretary will expel her from the political party by the end of the week.

The King later added in a declaration that together with Prime Minister Tiptree, Minister Daniel Sjø-Otter was also expelled from the Government and deprived of his citizenship for the same reasons, in addition to “committing treason”, which the King apparently refused to prosecute. Following the removal of both officials, the Royal Court declared both subjects persona non grata: Ms. Tiptree and Mr. Sjø-Otter are not granted access to the Kingdom of Zealandia, unless they’re in possession of a written permission signed by the King.

King Haakon has then nominated a new acting cabinet,  with Wing Commander Amanda Lindström as Prime Minister, Elsie Nyqvist as Deputy PM and Internal Affairs Minister, Dani Samiday a Culture minister, and himself as Foreign, State Security and Society Minister.

Source: Zealandian Media Group AB

Categories: Oceania, Politics

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  1. Aidan Hogg says:

    Surely there is an issue with the head of state being allowed to revoke the citizenship of it’s citizens?

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