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Tomorrow, at 10 am, President Barnaby Hands will sign a document with Lina of Norway allowing Senya to annex an area of Norway which will be known as Nyranheim, which Lina will be leader of.

News of the annexation was broken on the Facebook group MicroGroup by Hands a few days earlier, after a skype call with Lina, who will be the governor of the new Commonwealth Territory. The announcement comes amid a new surge of activity around the commonwealth, with Dallingrad and a territory in Bulgaria due to join by February.

Nyranheim is able to join the commonwealth due to personal connections with Hands, as Senya exhibits a strict 30-mile limit on where its citizens can live. Lina, who is currently studying in Norfolk as part of exchange stated she wished to join the football-mad micronation full time.

Nyranheim will become the sixth Senyan Commonwealth territory, replacing Sélestaten, which left in 2012. The territory is located in Ranheim, 6km east of the city of Trondheim in Norway, and engulfs a couple of houses and the home stadium of Ranheim IL, the local football club.

The location of Nyranheim, in Norway

The location of Nyranheim, in Norway

The flag will be announced tomorrow, but it is likely that it will feature both Senyan and Norwegian symbols.

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  1. EmiT says:

    Nice to have another micronation in Norway. Erem is a state of Sorrenia which has land in Oslo. I hope that we can have a inter-micronational realationship in the future! Wish you good luck with Nyheim!

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